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We have a simple mission, and that is to build awesome websites, that impress visitors visually and engage their curiosity and interest so that they ultimately become your client. Afterall, isn’t that the purpose of a business web design.

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Web Design Trends for 2018

  1. Video is back. Google loves video and so do site visitors. Don’t do auto-play, but do use videos.
  2. Simple and easy to navigate – this has always been popular but now it is the holy grail, and Google matches relevance to the minutest detail.
  3. Be Relevant – if it isn’t relevant, don’t include it. As well as looking good, prospects need to find your website, and Google loves relevance.

When you’re looking a web designer, here are our top 3 tips –

  1. Check out their website portfolio – you want someone who builds sharp sites, with clean lines that are easy to navigate. If they don’t build nice sites for other people, then they may not build one for you.
  2. Check their own website – the proof really is in the pudding. Are you impressed by how their looks and feels. Would you be happy if they designed a similar website for you? If the answer is “NO” – then move on.
  3. Get clear on what you want – it doesn’t matter whether it is a website design brief or the weekly shopping list. Clarity is power. What you don’t communicate, you are responsible for. So help the web designer help you.

The Best Web Design Ideas And Trends For 2018 Recommendations

If you own a business, building a website isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that your website is fresh and modern and that it functions correctly. If your site looks outdated or if it doesn’t perform well, it will wind up driving customers away. Check out some of the best web design ideas and trends for 2018 in the following section to get inspiration for your site:

* Parallax Layouts.

With parallax scrolling, a website consists of two layers. The front layer scrolls faster than the back layer, creating a unique three-dimensional effect. This popular trend can make your site look extremely modern and cutting-edge.

* Grid designs.

In 2018, grid layouts remain popular for websites in every industry.

* Vibrant colours.

Bold, saturated colour schemes are more popular than ever. Gone are the days of boring neutrals. Instead, try incorporating rich, vibrant colours into your site to create a modern look.


* Mobile-friendly design.

The number of consumers accessing the Internet through mobile devices is higher than ever. Your website should be designed with these mobile users in mind, with fast loading times and responsive design.

These are some of the best web design ideas for 2018. Try using them to give your site a facelift so that it looks fresh and updated.

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